Walking Tours

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ADA Accommodations Available Upon Request: These tours will involve outdoor travel around streets in downtown Juneau. Please contact the CBJ Community Development Department at 907-586-0715 at least 72 hours prior to any of the tours so arrangements can be made.


Walking ToursBlueprint Downtown

Three walking tours will be conducted, and will address the eight topics from our public meetings, blending different themes for each route.  For each walk, we will spend an hour on the street, starting at 1:00, then finish with 30 minutes of conversation and warm-up at a coffee shop.

While the tour will be consultant-led, it is expected to be a conversation with give-and-take on all sides. Conversations will focus on what is working, what is not, and potentials for future improvement. Everyone is invited, including members of the public, Community leaders, CDD staff, and the Blueprint Downtown Steering Committee. Join us!

Tour One:  Saturday, January 5, 1-2:30pm

The walk will start at the Senate Building lobby,  and end at the Rookery.

Themes include  Business Vitality,  Housing, and Public Safety.

Tour One will focus on the central business district, including South Franklin, North Franklin, Front Street, Seward, and Ferry Way.  Buildings with the potential for greater utilization will be noted, and other opportunities for greater vitality discussed.  The closed portions of South Franklin area will frame an open question concerning the community’s priority to achieve greater year-round economic vitality.  Is this possible?  Is Housing one key?

Tour TwoSaturday, January 12, 1-2:30pm

The walk will start and end at the Heritage Coffee Shop at Front St. and Seward St.

Themes include Vehicles, Parking, and Pedestrian Experience.

Tour Two will cover the primary working core, as well as portions of the adjoining Willoughby (Shoreline) District.  Street ‘reality’ will identify the trade-off between increased parking /automobile use versus the desire for greater pedestrian safety and attractiveness.  Related issues like the potential for a community “circulator” will be explored, including potential stops and routing.  How are linkages across the full downtown increased?  What streets might offer the potential for pedestrian-only periods?

Tour ThreeSaturday, January 19, 1-2:30pm

The walk will start at the JACC, and end at Sacred Grounds coffee shop.

Themes include  Cultural Identity, Sustainability, and Environment.

The tour will consider what should be the central identity of Downtown Juneau, and how do we capture that quality.  The tour will include the Willoughby (Shoreline) and Arts District, the SLAM, Sea Walk portions, and adjoining downtown neighborhood at “the Flats”.  What makes us unique, and appeals to both residents and seasonal visitors?  Can Downtown Juneau grow its seasonal visitation capacity, while still offering a world-class experience?